2 Simple Tricks to view Only Unread Messages in a Gmail Inbox

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Gmail allows you to search for unread messages, but there’s a faster way to view messages that you have not seen. Gmail also has a useful menu in Settings that allows you to change the way the program displays your messages. This uses a search function within Gmail, making it temporary, and it does not change how the inbox functions or sorts messages beyond this task:

  • Log in to your Gmail.com as usual if you have not done so already
  • Click into the Gmail Search box and type the following exactly:
  • Hit Return to sort the inbox by unread messages

If you have multiple boxes and want to see unread messages in the inbox, a slight variation of the above trick would be this Gmail search operator. The Gmail inbox will be sorted to only display messages that haven’t been read yet, this search operator is practically instantaneous regardless of how giant your unread mail count is. Yes, this search tricks works on the web in addition to the common mobile Gmail apps for iPhone and Android. Despite being such a simple feature, it doesn’t seem like common knowledge. I’ve been using Gmail for many years and didn’t know about this trick, and its as only in a passing conversation with a friend that I learned about it. Hit return again, or just click the “Inbox” item from the left side menu. Now, Users need to change Gmail Inbox to Display Unread Email First. Gmail users can get instant & easy help via dialing Gmail Technical Support Number. With this enabled, all unread emails will appear on top side, regardless of when either was sent. For example, an unread email from 2 weeks ago would appear above a read message from 10 minutes ago. Enabling this is very easy:

  • Go to Gmail Settings
  • Choose the “Inbox” tab, then pull down the “Inbox type” menu and select “Unread First”
  • Unread emails will instantly sort to the top, and the search operator will no longer be necessary unless you don’t want to see the read emails at all.

Either of these tricks is incredibly helpful for those of us who manage large inboxes, where new unread messages routinely get pushed off the front pages of the inbox, and inevitably end up buried several screens back with a bunch of already read mail. As we all know, once Gmail email ends up off the primary inbox screen, it’s pretty easy to forget about them, which only adds to the feeling of inbox overload when it is reaching into the high numbers. If Gmail is your primary email service too, you should not forget to set Gmail as the default webmail client.




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