2015 Wimbledon is moved back a week!!!

The next Wimbledon tennis tournament, in 2015, will be commencing one week later than previous year’s tournaments and will not start until the June 29th.

The main thinking behind the move is that it will give the players more time to become accustomed to the grass court surface after playing on the clay in the French Open.  In the past, the Wimbledon Championships has taken place just two weeks after the final day of play at Roland Garros.  Players were coming in to the event feeling fatigued and not having enough time to prepare as they would like before the championships begins.


The extra week will give all players, ladies and men at least 22 days to recover and prepare for 2015 Wimbledon following the end of the French Open and many of the top players have welcomed the move.  Novak Djokovic has already commented on how the players need the extra week to get their game together for grass, especially having played on clay just 2 weeks beforehand, which are two contrasting surfaces.

Fans who queue for hours, often over night for Wimbledon tickets, want to be able to see the best players performing at the pinnacle of their powers and the extra week between the French Open and Wimbledon will only help to provide that.  Wimbledon 2015 tickets will no doubt be at a premium but with the thought of the very top players coming in to the event more refreshed and relaxed than they have been in previous years, the clamour for Wimbledon tickets in 2015 is sure to increase even further.

By moving Wimbledon 2015, the organizers may also have helped the other grass court tournaments, many of which start the day after the French Open finishes.  With the extra week in place, the top players may be able to participate in these events, regardless of the outcome in the French Open and provide more fans with a first-hand glimpse of their prowess, while improving their grass court game ready for Wimbledon.  In addition to this, with grass being a softer surface than that of many other events during the calendar year, players will welcome the chance to spend more time playing on it and it could benefit them in the long term.



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