3 Essential Things You Must Know About Microsoft Cloud Services and the Public Cloud

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Many of you must be aware of that a public cloud is a shared set of resources and facilities, which serves many organizations with a pool of shared compute resources. But have you ever thought about the policies and terms that Microsoft Cloud Services offers in lieu with getting paired to their services? If no, then this article is a must read write-up for you because it explains the 3 essential things you must know aboutMicrosoft’s Cloud Services and the Public Cloud. It may also interest you to know that most of the services of this popular firm is delivered as SaaS productivity (Office 365) while others including sales applications (Microsoft Dynamics Online) are often availed by individual users. Following are the three popular MicrosoftCloud Services along with their evolving set of offerings:

  1. Office 365

It is a SaaS on-demand version of MS Office, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online applications. The application is a Lync Online unified communications service that incorporates all the applications in a specially packaged Office suite. Coming with four communications and collaboration services that are often hosted by an enterprise datacenter, you can easily use the service for ensuring optimal business success.

  1. Azure

Azure is a Platform-as-a-Service offering to help you deliver compute cycles, storage and the .NET integrated application framework on an on-demand basis. It is an infinitely scalable computational resource that can assist in managing small or large workloads, a foundation of enterprise-scale servicesand possesses the power to handle massive data-mining projects.

  1. Microsoft InTune

InTune in the Microsoft Cloud Services array helps you toextendyour administrative capabilities, by enabling you to perform software updates, policy management and backups remotely. It is one of the most important and crucial resources that Microsoft offers to update PCs around the globe into a single console to help you handle maintenance and management workflows.

Having Microsoft’s public cloud services, including Azure and Azure SQL Database, is equivalent to having a supercomputer at your end. The availability of these services is programmed to run custom applications that are specially installed or made available for enterprise users or the public Internet. One of the biggest challenges that most of the firms face nowadays is that they hardly get resources that can help them to fix issues with their web programming or client-server computing. The availability of these services can help you establish a direct-connection, or use session-based applications, by brining a level of collaboration between Developers and IT Pros.



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