3 Reasons to Upgrade to IE11

There are a few reasons why one should consider upgrading from Internet explorer 8 (ie8) to Internet explorer 11 (ie11).

Enhanced security in the first point which makes IE11 preferable. Security has always been a weak point for internet explorer but not any longer. IE11 is one of the most secure browsers, especially when it comes to finding phishing attacks. It can make you feel safer against online scams. Moreover, Microsoft has stopped supporting other IE versions which means you won’t get any security update for other versions of Internet explorer. No security update can make you really vulnerable.

Second feature is how easily you can start using IE 11 because it looks exactly like IE9 and 10. if you are using either of those two versions, then you can easily use IE 11 as the interface is just the same. It uses the real estate pretty efficiently so the websites has more space to display.

Finally, the speed of IE11 is simply amazing. Speed is the 2nd most important feature of a web browser after security and IE11 scores heavily here. Webpages are getting complex and heavier every passing day. Downloading those contents and displaying them is essential for a smooth browsing experience.

Many independent tests with same computer specs have decided that not only IE11 is faster than its predecessors but also faster than its competitors. IE can also make the best use of your computer’s graphics and display image-rich webpages better. There is, in fact, a test called EtchMark test which will confirm this claim.

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