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You figured whoever said that you should try Calgary limo services at least once in your life is right, especially when attending occasions with the family or a loved one. There’s no better way to pamper yourself while effortlessly making others happy on the way to and fro an event. In fact, happy would be an understatement.

We know you might be already sold to the idea of hiring one. But even before you pick up the telephone or make an online limo booking, you just have to think about some important factors to consider first. Knowing these beforehand can get you the best limo service available with going bankrupt.

Read on and find out. Save your “thank you” later.

1.       Budget

Identify your maximum dollar limit on spending for this luxury. While you may be lured just to set up a convoy for the family, keep in mind that you will also be paying for gas, parking, and other bothersome road experiences. Renting ab limo could be a smarter choice especially if you have other people chipping in on the payment.

2.       Purpose

Match the model or type of your limousine to the occasion. If you are having a night full of partying, rent an SUV or party bus while you can opt to rent standard limos if you are off to a wedding or a business-related event. There are benefits and features you would like to check first before signing up for anything. Your goal is to maximize the experience, so better make sure you are picking the right limo type that suits your needs.

3.       Headcount

Establish how many passengers will travel with you. For larger groups or families, hire Calgary limos that can take up to 12 people. These vehicles allow you to have one designated shuttle service for you and your company without sacrificing comfort and the opportunity to relax while traveling. Smaller limos can be used for smaller groups.

4.       Schedule

It is critical to provide the accurate time of check in and drop off when renting a limousine. Also, make sure you have a traffic-proof planned out to avoid any delays. Remember, Calgary limo rental prices per hour so it would be wise to clarify your travel arrangements with their customer service.

5.       Limo Preview

Most rental companies will have photos of the limousines displayed on their website. However, if you must, request for a viewing of the particular limo you have selected to use. A reputable company should not mind such requests as to satisfy their customers. The least thing you would like to happen is to be upset because your expectations were not met. Expectations vs. Reality.

6.       Contract

Once you have selected which limo would work best for you, your company, and all other considerations don’t forget to request a copy of your contract that indicates all the pertinent details of your Calgary limo rental. Clarify anything that doesn’t seem right or needs further explanation. Don’t authorize anything until all your questions are answered. Once everything is clear, sign your contract on your way to becoming a star for a few hours. Enjoy!

Avoid Last Minute Lemo hire for your Prom:

Prom season is not just about teens, but also for parents who would do anything in their power to take part in this event. Not that they would be attending themselves, but these moms and dads don’t appreciate not being involved at all.

The prom has evolved into a rite of passage to adulthood, and some parents just can’t it pass without their intervention. Reality-wise, if parents can attend, too they would, but then again they wouldn’t go as far to ruin an important day for their teens. After all, they have also been there, at least once in their lives.

Hence, they’ll show support in all ways possible like picking the right dress or coat and finding the perfect ride for this much-anticipated night. Some parents can always chauffer their teens and their dates to the prom, although some kids would think that’s way too much. This fact explains why ab limo service comes handy for proms – parents get their peace of mind without their children feeling overprotected.

We came up with a few reasons why should not hire a last minute limo.

 1. Power To Choose

The best limo service is always the first one to be hired. So if you’re thinking of letting your teens go to their dance on a limousine or a party bus, then you should pencil it in ASAP. Online limo booking can find you just the perfect vehicle for the prom, but if you wait too long, your kids may end up with the not-so-good ones. Prices can spike too with higher demand, especially when you’re down to the last few days before the prom.

 2. Party On Time

Your teens have waited long for this night. You wouldn’t want them to arrive late or stressed to the party as it may ruin the fun. A Calgary limo rental will make sure they don’t miss out on anything and that they come home safe and sound. A chauffeur can do the parenting for you for a few hours, making sure they party and go home on time.

 3. Prime Transportation Service

Calgary limos are the best when it comes to providing excellent chauffeured service. Make your teens feel they’re stars in their own right by having a limo pull up at your doorsteps to pick them up, and surprise their dates with a grand ride.

Because a limo can hold up to 12-14 passengers at once, you may also select a party bus to bring friends together. Imagine a party to and fro the prom night, without parents getting worried sick.

 4. Photos and Memories

Simply put, a limo service can add so much to the entire experience, and your kids will definitely remember. Make memories that celebrate their passage to adulthood with great pictures taken. These drivers make great photographers, too.



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