7 Business Apps to Use for Daily Operations

To run the business smoothly, good number of manpower is important. However, there is one thing that can be helpful as well. Using business apps and software can also a big help when running the business smoothly and efficiently.

Below are some of the best business apps and software you can use on daily operation:

Adobe Reader

A dedicated PDF reader is a big help for those documents on PDF form and that is where Adobe Reader is good at. Adobe Reader app is for fee and users can make edits and comments of PDFs. It can also be used in combination with an Adobe account, which has different high-end features such as letting users export files into different formats.


This app is considered as modern and dynamic kind of project management software that keeps the client and team informed when doing projects. It is easy to use as it tracks the every task on project and which one should be prioritized. This is the great way to work with various clients and make consultation, especially when using template feature for a project.


MailChimp is really useful for anyone who is doing business, especially when it concerns distributing email newsletter to a lot of people. It can send more than 10 billion emails monthly on behalf of its users, and the best thing is, it is for free for those who do not have a enormous mailing list. The lists can be checked, created, edited and lastly, email them to the respective recipients. Users can also track the email if the recipient has opened it – who, where, and when it was opened – giving the user a valuable insights that can be useful for the business.


The app is called relationship manager that offers tons of project-management features, making it a one-stop shop for some small businesses. Users can categorize their contacts using tags, incorporate their social network profiles, and supervise leads. The admin of the app can create and delegate tasks for each team member, specify pipeline of activities and its status, and develop email reminders to keep everyone updated on the progress. For business use, the app costs $12 a month per user.


Business owners with more than one device can use Pushover to connect them all. There is send button to push messages to any smart devices and organizes messages and notifications from their own devices in a common space. User can send 7,500 messages monthly and be able to receive unlimited amount of notifications on Androids, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and all desktops. A 7-day trial period is being offered and then it required a one-time $4.99 purchase for continuous use.

Google Productivity Suite

Google almost dominates the web – search engine to business apps – and it has its own productivity suite located in the Google Drive. Google’s productivity suite offers word processor Docs, spreadsheet editor Sheets, and presentation maker Slides. It has a cleaner and more attractive interface compared to other office apps out there. In addition, Google’s productivity suite features better tools when incorporating pictures, charts, and alike. The best thing about it is that they are all compatible with Microsoft Office, making it easy to open them anywhere. It has also an offline edit feature, so it does not lose data.


This app is great way to use for organizing and reminding about due dates of bills. BillMinder aids in tracking expenses by using reports and comprehensive graphs. User’s bills can be synced between devices and create notifications for them. The app can also develop recommendations on where users can save money or cut some expenses.

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