8 Superb Web Design Tips for Better Mobile Conversion Rates

Internet has now become an important part of everyone’s live. No one can survive without the internet. In today’s fast-paced technology, where the person used to surf internet on computers, now they can access in on their smartphones. This device has so much to do with other than calling or clicking pictures. Using your mobile phone you can access internet anywhere anytime, all you just need data plan or wifi.

Seeing this growing use of smartphones among youths, lots or business and brands are now looking to design a website for which should be responsive and has good quality graphics which results in better mobile conversion rates. For this they either do it by themselves else they hire Web Design Company who will be going to design such mobile optimized website for them.

Giving careful consideration towards mobile as a platform severely influences an online business. Your conversion rates will be bad if your website is not mobile optimized. So as to avoid this, here are the best tips to increase the mobile conversion rates.

  1. Website should be easy to navigate

Create a mobile website that comprises of readable font, uncluttered layout, button labels and clear CTA. It should be easy-to-navigate and give smooth experience so that users can easily view your website.


  1. Keep end-users busy

Put some attractive offers which are helpful in keeping the end user engage on-the-go. Along with this, image slides, videos, fascinating games and contests should also be a part of your website. This will surely low down the bounce rate.


  1. Enable fast checkout

When doing shopping on mobile website, nobody wants to face troubles while doing checkout process. Ensure that the web designer simplify the checkout process by utilizing the current techniques for your site’s shopping cart to lift up more conversions.


  1. Uniqueness of Content

If your website holds blogs or news sections, keep updating them on regular intervals. In a nutshell, fresh and less content enhances the sales instead of huge collection of content.


  1. Promote wisely with social media

One of the most engaging reasons that shoppers have for utilizing their smartphones while moving is to keep in touch with friends, family members and colleagues over social media. Here you require promoting the pages of mobile website that defines the list of products and services provided by you. A fast Facebook update or timely tweet can obtain the marvels for convincing the customers to visit the website.


  1. Avoid Stuffing the website with loads of images

Stuffing website with numerous images can result in slowing down its speed. On the other hand, fast website grabs more attention. So it is better to use small size image which can fit well to mobile devices of distinct sizes. As per general rule use just 5 photos of a product on separate pages.


  1. Restrict distractions

When customer reaches to purchase page you main goal should be to make him to buy your product. For this you need to limit distractions caused by call-to-action, pop-up banners and unnecessary pictures as they slay sales hugely.


  1. Speedy delivery

In terms of sales process, the speed of the website matters a lot. So its speed should be good enough so it can produce a fine user-experience that will soon raise the mobile conversion rates.

Hence, makes these tips as a part of your digital marketing tactics. Also make the website navigation fast, pleasant as well as simple for your customers.

Author’s Bio: Larry is a web designer in a Graphic Design in Singapore that offers world-class search marketing service and web design & development.


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