A day at Wimbledon – The experience


Wimbledon is the oldest international tennis event to be held in the world. Started in 1877, the tournament has covered a journey of almost 137 years. Wimbledon has a rich history and with time, interesting things were introduced in the event, which have gradually become an inherent part of the tournament. The traditional white clothing, the presence of English royalty and the amazing Wimbledon hospitality packages including the serving of strawberry and cream to the spectators have become part of its traditions. Once you spend a day at the grounds you are sure to be mesmerized at the exquisite beauty of it all.

Doing things the Wimbledon way

Wimbledon hospitality packages are one of a kind. It’s a dream location in the lap of luxury where you will be welcomed by the rich flavour of champagne, 3 choice and 3 course menu for the rumbling tummies, Champagne and Pimm’s reception drink with a choice of speciality wines. Wimbledon hospitality package also includes Court One or Center court Wimbledon debenture ticket which is an additional bliss. Wimbledon Debenture tickets are the hottest and most sought after tickets giving you the best views of the action at Wimbledon, a reserved seat on the court for the entire day and access to the exclusive Wimbledon debenture ticket Holder lounges. These facilities feature private restaurants, bars, lounges and spectacular views over Wimbledon. Wimbledon debenture tickets are the only tickets which are freely transferable. A policy which is strongly enforced against unapproved transfers of other types of tickets.

Wimbledon is the most prestigious and coveted sporting event there is. To be a part of the experience of Wimbledon is in itself a treat both as a player and also as a spectator. Buy Wimbledon 2015 ticket and experience tranquillity and the serene environment of the most decorated sports event of the year.







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