A Free Guide to Industrial Vending By Seaga

Industrial vending is starting to be used by many different companies throughout the world to control inventory of MRO and PPE supplies while providing these items 24/7 at the touch of a button to employees who require them. Industrial vending has taken the basics of vending – money in, product out – and expanded the concept. Instead of money, the machine accepts employee identification data. Instead of food, the machine dispenses tools, equipment or supplies needed and keeps track of who, where and when.

The cost savings experienced by the average industrial setting is incredible. Not only can a company experience from 15% to 50% reduction in wasted or pilfered supplies, but the comprehensive reporting by the industrial vending machine can reduce inventory of supply items up to 50%.

Lean operations and Six Sigma processes find industrial vending machines a perfect fit, reducing cost, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. Workers embrace industrial vending machines, as their supplies are right where they need them – on the actual production line or very near – and available at the touch of a button or wave of a card.

Inventory, manpower and production are all improved with the implementation of an industrial vending machine. The machine keeps track of the inventory and use of inventory in as many drill-down reports required for best efficiency. Triggering reorder level alerts, high use anomalies and effectively and quickly communicating a forecast to purchasing and management saves a great amount of time and money.

In addition to the advantages of controlling MRO inventory, industrial vending is also very valuable for making PPE equipment available to the work force. Should a situation arise that requires it, companies are able to prove that they made PPE supplies available to all employees at all times.

Industrial vending is a concept worth exploring for any company, and Seaga has the perfect solution. From the machine to the reporting and software, Seaga’s Intelligent Inventory Control IQ640 is the solution you’ve been waiting for to grow your profits by controlling your inventory. What’s your inventory IQ?



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