A Fulfilling Self-Publishing Journey

To explore all the elements of self-publishing business, let me take you through a self-publishing journey. Almost after working for five years Mr Tom Jackson could complete his manuscript, which was launched into a book shape on a glittering evening in the presence of several eminent personalities.

Before it could happen, Tom could never know that even he could enter the coveted group of authors. He had contacted several publishing houses and no one showed even an iota of interest in his project. With each attempt he knew that he is losing steam and it is not possible for him to try for ever. When he was about to lose all his options, he met one of his old colleagues and that changed his fate. His friend has just published a book and within a month he has become a celebrated author. This happened as Mr Tom’s friend followed a self-publishing method and it clicked for him.

Now Tom had got the clue, which all the aspiring authors want to know to become an author, get read, make money and live a respectful healthy life. Self-publishing is entirely different from traditional commercial publishing business. It is important to understand all the aspects, especially the financial one to fulfill your dream of becoming an author.

Tom had wonderfully worked on an idea and he had narrated it in more than 70,000 words, which is an ideal length to get it into a book shape. He had narrated a wonderful story and it is a pre-requisite otherwise no one would be interested in the book when it is published. Just like Tom, to give your write-up a final shape, it must be approved by some intelligent writers and should be edited by a thoroughly professional editor.

For self-publishing you can either contact a publishing company by directly pitching for it or you can do it through an agent. Some companies prefer to get it done via an agent only. If you get a publisher company, it will take the charge of complete production work like editing, lay out, book cover, title selection, print run, marketing, launch and sales to booksellers.

Self-publishing a book cost a lot to the author and so it is his financial strength that decides how much marketing he can do for his book. Generally the publishing company takes around 45% of the sale price and you as an author have to content with just 10% after distribution.

Self-publishing a book cost must be assessed by an aspiring author, only then you should dream to be an author of self-published book.



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