A Gateway to Bangkok

There’s nothing quite as exciting as visiting a city that never sleeps. Bangkok is one of these cities. From gorgeous skylines and noisy streets to delicious food along the streets, this city is sure to engage all your senses. There are several Bangkok packages available that will help you discover this amazing city, but here are just some of our sightseeing recommendations:

The Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew

A visit to The Grand Palace is a given when you’re in this beautiful city. The magnificent palace complex houses many landmark buildings, the most important of which is the Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Believed to bring prosperity to the country in which it lived, this gorgeous Buddha statue is greatly revered by the locals.

Wat Suthat Thepphaararam

A peaceful temple, the Wat Suthat Thepphaararam is one of the ten royal temples of the first grade in Bangkok. Although construction of this Buddhist shrine was started as early as 1807, the entire structure was only completed in around 1847 or 1848. On the base of the lower terrace, there are 28 pagodas, representing the 28 Buddhas that have been born on earth.

Floating Markets

Definitely one of the most talked about sights of Thailand, it’s quite an interesting experience to float around in a boat while picking up your daily fruits and vegetables. Head to Damnoen Saduak and enjoy getting paddled between the traditional long-tailed boats as you purchase everything from fruits and souvenirs to cooked food.

Bangkok National Museum
Housing the largest collection of art and artefacts in Thailand, the National Museum was opened in 1874 by then King, Rama V. His main motive behind opening the museum was to showcase all the gifts that his father gave him. Some interesting exhibits in the museum include precious stones, Khon masks, Chinese weapons, and puppets.

Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

The construction of this 49 storey tower was underway when the 1997 financial crisis hit Asia. The funds for the building dried up, and till today, it stands as a half complete structure in Bangkok. This condominium complex is now a hot favourite with enthusiastic tourists who want to climb to the top of the tower to take in the amazing city views that Bangkok has to offer.

Lumpini Park

A green oasis in the bustling capital city, Lumpini Park is a wonderful place to relax. Many of Thailand’s older population come here to practice their Thai Chi, while the lake side greenery is a favourite romantic spot for couples in love to enjoy a few quiet moments alone. Our favourite time to visit the park is early in the morning, as the birds are chirping, or at sunset, to watch the changing colours of the sky.

Bangkok is a city that everybody should experience at least once in their lives. If you’re ready to head out to the Venice of the East, then browse through our Bangkok Tour Packages. To book a tour with us.



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