A Solitaire Ring: Princess Cut vs. Round Brilliant Cut

Do you prefer an engagement ring set with a traditional round brilliant cut diamond or rather a princess cut diamond? If you are planning to, for example, buy a diamond engagement ring or a loose diamond as an investment, you will notice that these 2 diamond shapes are very popular at the moment. The round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring has been the absolute favorite for over a century, while the square princess cut has a more modern look. Both forms are beautiful, so what will ultimately affect your choice?

Radiance and brilliance

There is little difference in the brilliance and radiance between a princess and a round brilliant cut diamond. They both belong to the finest forms of diamonds, although we can say with certainty that the round brilliant, as the name suggests, shines the most. Not only is the shiny shape the most popular and the most sought after but a round diamond gives you more flexibility by playing on the balance between size, color and purity to get the optimal result. To obtain the optimum shine of a traditional round brilliant diamond, it is advisable to choose at least one or two criteria of superior quality: Excellent to Good for symmetry – Excellent or Good for polish and proportions.

A round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring has traditionally been the most popular engagement ring and this until today. It’s the cherry or better the diamond on the cake of a perfect wedding request. Due to its symmetrical shape, a round brilliant cut reflects light in a wonderful way, paying homage to the engagement ring.

Princess cut diamond

A princess cut diamond is characterized by its beautiful square shape. It is a fairly recent diamond shape, born in the 1960s. Princess-cut diamonds are (more) affordable and many people consider them a good alternative to round brilliant cut. We recommend that you look for a certified diamond.

When choosing a princess or round brilliant diamond, it’s best to take into account the personal taste of your beloved. After all, she is the one to wear the engagement ring on her finger. A round brilliant cut diamond ring is always nice as an engagement ring. A princess cut, however, is even finest when there is another diamond on both sides, so-called an engagement ring trilogy which usually symbolizes the past, the present and the future. While round brilliant cut diamonds will shine even more in a halo mount.



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