Acting Casting Calls – Your chance to that big break!

How does it feel to be an actor? A known actor? How does it feel to get the attention from everyone around you? How does it feel to be treated heavenly? It certainly feels great. It certainly makes a new ‘You’. We have seen it all in reel and real life both. But how much it takes to go through all the hurdles. Going through casting and auditioning. Casting basically is a selection process that takes place before the shoot. It helps finalising the people you want to see in the movie, serials, or any kind of performing arts. Acting casting call is one of the major opportunities in an actor’s life. If you want to be an actor, prepare your mind for these casting calls to go grab the role/ script you have been eyeing for, in a long time. Before that, an actor may have to go through several casting calls before getting that role. However, it isn’t that tough a nut to crack. It requires confidence and your charismatic attitude to grab the attention of the casting director.

Now there are many portals online where you can find help and actually have most of the information you are looking for. Like the place of the audition, other cast and production house. When you are going through a casting call, there are many things you can make sure that will help you get the attention and not get lost in the crowd. The first and the most important thing to do is to have a clear understanding of the project. When you get a casting call for an acting role, greet them properly and let them explain you what they are looking for. Do record the information on a piece of paper and make sure to make a note and reminder as soon as you hang up. Don’t start telling them about your prior roles or experiences unless they ask you for it. Avoid asking too many questions over the phone unless it’s important and relevant. A casting call for any acting role is only to get you a face to face meeting with the director to help them judge your skills.

A lot of aspiring actors make this mistake. As soon as they get a casting call, excitement grips them over. They start telling their prior experiences, industry contacts and really forgets to note down the important information. Perhaps, once you understand the role/character to your best, there is a higher possibility for you to go better prepared than others and get the role/part. Try to reach in time. Don’t be late or don’t be too early. Don’t be nervous because it will only make you feel tense. Try and calm yourself. Be positive and confident. You will get what you deserve. Read More

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