Advantages of Application Packaging by Creating MSI Packages

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There are many reasons why experts favour application packaging using the MSI packing. Without much ado, let’s see the reasons.

• Based on the users’ actual needs, customise the applications.

• The installation and uninstallation processes are really simple.

• Installation and uninstallation takes really little time.

• Once the package is created, they can be installed on many machines at once, even if they are at different geographical locations. This saves a lot of administrative processes and expenses, reduces the licensing fees and reduce the support expenses.

• Modifying the applications, MSI also saves space.

• Using a technique called self-heal, MSI packages can easily recover lost files which reduces the downtime of the application. If an important DLL or EXE file is missing, user is asked to point to the original MSI from where only the needed file is extracted. If the application knows where to look for the source package, the repair happens automatically and without any input from the user.

• On demand installation facility is available.

• Upgrading of applications can be easily done.

• Roll-Back, a process, helps clean reinstall and uninstall.

• Setting up new user profile is really easy, with revision and distribution for software updates. Application recovery process is really improved. Issuing new applications to existing users can be done effectively as well.

• Gives total control over software download as well as installation. Safe removal of the applications is possible without harming the computer. This can lessen the traffic load on any corporate network.



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