Advantages of Custom eLearning Development

The one thing that distinctly separates traditional learning aids from eLearning materials is the content that is used to deliver the intended. In traditional learning aids, the content is only explanatory and theoretical, demanding no interaction from the learner. However, eLearning is very much interactive in nature and enables the learner to actively participate and have a fun and engaging experience while learning. The design and development of this type of content is the key to come up with an effective eLearning course.

The design and development of eLearning courses can be done in many ways. While many prefer to outsource all their requirements to eLearning companies, many prefer to do it on their own. The content too, can be developed from the scratch or a pre-existing material can be modified to meet the new requirements. We will look into custom eLearning development alone and find out what benefits it can offer to business training and educational programs.

What is Custom eLearning Development?

Instead of choosing a pre-existing eLearning material and modifying it to meet the new requirements, customization involves developing a learning aid from the scratch. Customization plays a huge role here since each and every detail is custom made to suit a particular organization and a particular requirement. So, rather than having something that is generic and used by everybody, you’ll have something that is unique and exclusively made for your organization and intended learners.

Benefits of Custom eLearning Development

1.  Complete Freedom

It is evident that developing everything from scratch is very tasking and requires a lot of time and talent. However, the results of customization are something you will cherish for a long time. With custom eLearning development, you are not bound by any kind of limitations concerning language, graphics, color or content. You can implement and integrate anything that you want and not worry about the limitations a pre-existing material would have posed.

2.  Easy Licensing and Maintenance

When you are modifying a pre-existing material, you need to buy the licenses for doing so from the creators or owners of this material. However, this won’t be an issue in custom eLearning development since you are developing everything on your own. Also, since it is developed from scratch by you, upgrading it and scaling it whenever required won’t be an issue either.

3.  Organizational Focus

Another major advantage of custom eLearning development is that it helps you to maintain an organizational focus in your eLearning materials. Unlike pre-existing materials which were made for some other organization, customized materials are made exclusively for your organization and reflect the organization’s values and beliefs.

4.  Flexibility

Lastly, with custom eLearning development, it is easy to access the talent and resources you need for the course materials. When you choose a pre-existing material, you’ll spend a lot of time looking for the right tools and trying to modify the material to suit your requirements. Sometimes, it might not be possible to successfully integrate your ideas into a pre-existing material as well. Customization won’t have these flexibility issues to hold you back.

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