With affordable vaccines, a healthy future is almost certain

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India is known for producing world class talent. Gradually, the country is competing with top nations for producing intellect of international standards. Several leading corporate houses are currently led by persons of Indian origin. But despite doing so, the larger part of the population remains aloof from all these development taking place in the country. The country is still forced to worry about larger part of the population, which is deprived of a healthy life and prosperous future.

This section of the country is mostly in headlines only for wrong reasons like not leading a healthy life, not availing even the basic amenities etc. So, it is imperative for the disadvantaged class of the society to worry about their health as a healthy mind needs a healthy body. And to get a healthy body, it is mandatory to keep it protected from all illness and diseases since childhood. It sounds easy but in actual practice, it is not so.

To keep our future generation healthy, it is important to keep them vaccinated properly at regular intervals. The importance of vaccination can’t be understood properly unless you do a research on several life threatening diseases, which were in existence in the past and because of several vaccination drives, such diseases have been quelled forever.

To understand it better, take the polio cases in India. Currently no polio patients are found and few decades back this was one of the deadliest diseases to make people especially kids handicap and helpless.

‘Do boond zindagi ki’, has been such a popular slogan used to eradicate polio that it almost etched into people’s memory. So, realizing the result of the mass campaign like this run since several years, it is important now to follow the immunization schedule regularly and properly.

At the time of birth, doctors do suggest immunization schedule for kids, which needs to be practiced seriously. But, knowing the earning level and living standards of common men, it almost becomes difficult to pursue this schedule and so many times parents skip it that result into getting trapped into several life threatening diseases. Because theses vaccines are administered against several deadly diseases and if it is not given at the proper time, its repercussion is felt by the family and kids.

Affordable vaccination in India is the demand of the time and if it is not introduced at the earliest, many families will remain aloof from its benefits. Let the central government, with the help of several social organizations work in this direction.

If affordable vaccination in India becomes a reality, several health-related issues may get solved.


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