Affordable vaccines in India may improve the overall health of the nation

The only way to improve children’s health is by promoting the immunization campaign throughout the country. Timely vaccination schemes guarantee children to remain free from sudden health hazards. Despite being so much important for children, vaccination is not available to all in India. The most obvious reason is the huge difference between people’s earning level. It is the high time when we should take up the cause of low cost immunization, which could be affordable to all. Don’t get occupied by the thought of ‘it doesn’t hurt me so why I should bother about that’.

When our leading newspapers are splashed with the stories of startups and the country looks poised to take a big leap to enter the group of leading countries of the world, ignoring millions of fellow citizens who are poverty stricken would be a gross error. The distribution of wealth in our country is skewed towards wealthy and rich only and that forces the poor and marginalized people to fight even for their basic necessities.

The lack of affordable vaccines in India has hurt them hard. To address their concerns properly, it is imperative that government introduces low cost vaccines. And that is possible only by launching vaccination health campaigns throughout the country on long term basis. A report released by a non-governmental organization has highlighted that by providing incentives alongside reliable immunization camps has considerably increased the chances of full childhood vaccination. Households not offered incentives were not so willing to get their children immunized. So to improve the overall health of the nation, the country needs to address that section of the population who is not self-reliant as far getting vaccination for their children is concerned.

Another research says that immunization is the most cost effective way of enhancing children’s survival rate. According to an estimate, almost 2 to 3 million children die each year from vaccine preventable diseases. In smaller cities, remote areas and villages, high rate of mortality is reported only because the awareness level and affordability is quite low. This can be improved with large scale immunization programs where vaccination is either free of cost or it is being provided at minimum possible rate so that maximum children can be covered.

Immunization schedule for kids can be followed sincerely even in remote areas if it is affordable and if that happens the overall health of the children will also improve and that will upgrade the happiness index of the entire country.



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