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This article talks about Jim Corbett National Park and charms of this beautiful and enormous park.

Vacations are fast approaching and everyone love to go to a place where they can spend some quality time in peace, calmness and of course wildness. At this point, a trip to Jim Corbett National Park is a must. It is a good chance to explore and closely witness the inherent beauty of nature and wildlife present at this outstanding park. A great way to turn your holidays into an unforgettable memory is by staying in a 5 star rating Corbett resort. Each individual craves for royalty and comfort when it comes to accommodation and what can be better than reserving a resort for this. In this way, you can refresh yourself each time you enter your room and make a fresh beginning next day. Staying in these resorts is quite exhilarating.

Jim Corbett National Park offers a great many surprises to all tourists. Individuals coming here can go on for Safari in an open jeep, trek amidst the dense forest, go for mountain biking and many interesting activities are there. One can book Corbett forest resort and these packages simultaneously from a reputed resort. You may be astonished to know that there are 488 different kinds of species of flora which include Bel, Bakli, Pula, Chbilla, Dhak, Bamboo, Semal, Rohini, Khingan, Kharpat, Sal, Sissoo, Khair, Ber, Kuthber, and lot much more. These species are present in this park and you can watch them all at one place. This is the case of flora but there are many species of fauna as well. 33 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians, 7 species of fishes and 37 of dragonflies will amuse you a lot.

The chance to watch the famous Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Black Baer, Leopards, Wild bear in its natural habitat can also be taken. So, if you wish to witness the true color of nature and wildlife then you must come to Jim Corbett. But as stated you would require a highly progressive and sophisticated Resort for your accommodation. Though you can find many but when it comes to quality then IRIS Resort stands second to none. This resort is a perfect combination traditional and modern facility. Rooms are spacious and will give you a feel of 5 star hotels. Wooden flooring of the rooms will provide you with the rustic charm of woods, facilities like wifi, LED TV, coffee maker will add benefits of staying in these rooms and the outer area will let you admire the thriving natural beauty.




Give yourself a treat and enjoy the Best Adventure Activities at Jim Corbett provided by IRIS Resort to refresh your soul, body, and mind.

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