Andorid Latest updates with Features and Benfits

What is Android and Latest Features of Android:
Android is one of the mobile operating systems was invented by Google based on the Linux Kernel and specially designed to software for the mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets. Android OS role is to act as a translator between user and user gadget that loosely correspond to the real-world action as well as pinching, swiping and tapping for manipulating with on-screen based objects and virtual keyboard to text input in order to update the touch screen devices, Google was further developed Android TV, Auto to cars, and wear a wrist watches each with specialized user interface and Android also used in different variants like game consoles, came SDI cameras ,notebooks also some other electronics .

Android phones mostly need for the user tastes and needs on wallpapers, themes completely change the look of user devices interface. User will download the applications for all sorts of things such as like to check his Gmail and Facebook ,manage the bank accounts, for online payments on shopping and play games we will plan the events from our phone calendar and check them on your computer and browser sites on the desktop and pick up them on our phone.

Android near feature is automatically back up our contacts while you set up the Android phone you need to create the Google account for sign in with existing one and number saving in every time on the address book for the android phone they will be synced with your Google account.Benefits are that if you lose your mobile phone all of your contacts will be saved next time get new android phone sign in with Google account of all your numbers and friends contact numbers are displayed
On your new mobile phone in address book no need for to transfer the back them up.

Latest Features of Android:
Google update and releases every year slightly improved versions of Android currently the latest feature is Android Marshmallow is the biggest version of Android to enhance and includes brand-new features make use our smartphone better and battery saving Doze mode and most intelligent Google highly tap a step forward to all over Marshmallow is the latest feature updated to Google mobile OS.

We are having some of the rules for think Marshmallow is the best version updated to Android by Google.USB Type-C is connections for to represents Holy Grail and most commonly used connections in next coming years it allows faster charging rather than conventional cables.Now on Tap is one of the biggest change for Android Marshmallow in form of Google they look same as before and pre-baked on every part of the OS presently focus on context and Adopted Storage means allow Android phones you to insert another form of memory card in past versions of Android is maintained as separate entity by swiping memory card but now to use memory card permanent storage solution comes through Adopted Storage treating memory card as separate storage space and can use without any fuss.

Android Pay is used to store credit and debit card information to their smart phones and wirelessly pay for goods to quickly service for securely to make more secure by using virtual account number instead of own and maintain detail history on purchases by lose your mobile Google will cover Android device Manager makes simple to remotely lock and wipe device event loss.
System UI Tuner is Marshmallow fixes pet peeves with android operating system .Android os mobile used the status bar on the top of the screen to key information on battery life with system UI Tuner used to add their battery percentage for system tray and Improved copy and pasting is simple task in previous versions of android os but now on Marshmallow selected text sound familiar vast improvement of original solution.


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