Apply for maximum Health care insurance cover

Medical and health insurance has become a necessity in life. Today, we all suffer from some kind of health problems. There has been a high increase in medical catastrophes in recent times that have increases the importance of medical insurance. People who are disabled and are under the age of 65 must have Medicare policy to avail benefits and insurance cover. The policy can be only owned if you are a US citizen. The eligibility of this insurance policy is being US citizen, residing in US for more than five years and has a resident VISA.

The Medicare under 65 policies are offered by many private companies for your needs. The Medicare card would provide all the Social Security Disability benefits and making you eligible for both part A and part B benefits.

Part A covers-

The part A covers the major portion of Hospital expenses in your Turning 65 Medicare plan. According to this plan, you can consult any doctor or hospital that provides cover under Medicare. You do not need any kind of references for checkups with specialist doctors, you just to have a card that solves your entire problem. The Part A covers maximum inpatient care issues such as critical access, home care services, expert nursing facility and rehabilitation facilities.



Medicare Supplement plan is a health insurance policy sold by private insurance companies in your state. It provides additional protection for what is not covered by Original Medicare. This insurance is specifically designed to fill the “gaps” in Medicare Part A and Part B coverage

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