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Five most awaited Hindi movies this year (2017)

the bahubali 2 movie

Here I am giving a list of five Hindi (Bollywood) movies we Indians are waiting to release. If you are a movie buff, you must be waiting for at least one of these five movie enthusiastically. 1. Baahubali: The Conclusion Most searched question of last two years was “Why katappa killed Bahubal?”. People are awaiting to watch second part… Read More

We demand facilities & freebies! But who will pay for these?

people need freebies

What people expect from government Every day we hear lot of voices/agitations demanding facilities or some freebies from government. Forgive all the loans of farmers, make plans to give food, health & security to everyone, give high salary to government employees like Doctors, teachers, policemen, officials in various departments, give or hike pensions etc. etc.… Read More

Health benefits of Avacado (Butter fruit)

avacado green

The avocado is a green color fruit that is native to South Central Mexico. This is classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. In India Avocado also refer to the butter fruit or ‘Makhaan’ fruit. In some country people know it as Tree fruit. This is known as super food. It is… Read More

Bollywood confusion – What can we learn from hindi movies?

bollywood movies confuse people

Title is confusing, right? yes! because it is all about confusion. I want to explore some of confusion Hindi movies create when we try to learn or follow. Someone can argue that movie is for entertainment, not for to learn or follow.  Correct! but still people follow them. Movies create dreams and lot of us… Read More

Dependency Injection- How to start learning?

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection , Ninject and Unity containers seems like aliens name to junior developers including me few years back. Once a developer start learning design patterns, first few words he reads are loosely coupled, dependency, dependency inversion etc. – another aliens. bad joke! right? Jokes apart but learning design patterns specially DI is really a… Read More

Why shouldn’t we boycott a movie!

ai dil hei muskil movie image

Strange title! isn’t it? yes it is! These days we are  getting message everyday to boycott this movie or that movie for some reason. At start I also thought not to watch some movie because of any actor’s statement or other reason. At last I found that , boycotting a movie is not a good idea.… Read More

What is scrum and how it helps in successful software delivery?

Scrum Framework

Scrum is a framework to implement Agile. Some people believe that agile and scrum are same but scrum is one of the framework to setup agile. There are other framework like Kanban are available to implement agile. Scrum is most popular in software industry, among all agile frameworks.Here I am explaining scrum and it’s benefits mainly for software… Read More

Startup enthusiast – when can you start your own?

Stsrtup when and why

Are you  in 9 to 5 job? are you still looking your own business in future? If yes then first question comes in your mind is when you can leave your job and you are ready to start your own business. Question seems easy but answer is very difficult and important thing is its only… Read More