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How to rank your website high in Google search results

SEO guidelines

Google does not disclose how it applies logic to rank websites in search results. It also change it algorithms and rules time to time. it release new updates and add logic to renew its process for advertisers benefit. Google always try  to get  genuine clicks and views from users for Advertisers.  As per these updates… Read More

What successful people do on weekends?

weekend training

When you talk about weekends! What comes into our mind? Most professionals and executive including students see weekends for movies; fun, entertainment and also your house hold works. No bad involving in entertainment and social events, but do we ever see weekend as an opportunity to grow, opportunity to build career or an opportunity to… Read More

How to be an expert software developer

Are you a software engineering student, a fresh graduate completed B.Tech, BE or MCA in computer science or information technology, a fresher job seeker or a software trainee joined some company or a professional training institute? If answer is yes then you must have faced a question or we can say a challenge!  And that is… Read More

Beat the recession and avoid pink slip!

Everyone pray God not to find himself in the critical situation like recession or the cost cutting by the companies. But this occurs and we cannot avoid recession or market situation. See examples of firing or giving pink slips by the big mnc’s like TCS, IBM and Yahoo and many more in recent times. This… Read More

Tips to get extra income – for an IT professional

Are you an IT professional working full time in any IT company? You are in trouble due to loan EMI and inflation. Your salary is not fulfilling your routine expenses and loan EMI of your housing or car loan?  Are you looking for some extra income other than your regular salary to fulfill your dreams?… Read More

What are craigslist post or cl post and how to post it?

What is Craigslist? Craigslist is a site which has classified advertisements of various sections like jobs, house and apartments, persona’s relations, sale, purchase, required services, community, and also the discussion forum. This service was beginning in 1995 as an email distributed list to friend’s network. In 1996 was expanded as web based service with different… Read More

Build your career in IT Field – IT Career options!

Are you a student of +2 or undergoing graduate or completed with your education? Do you want to build your career in IT field? But what are the opportunities in IT field and how could you make your career in IT? Answer is there are lots of opportunities in IT field. You can be a software… Read More

Google New Guidelines for SEO

Content guidelines Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link. Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map has an extremely large number of links, you may… Read More

Cache and practical use of file cache

Cache Cache is a tool to manage state of a user. It store the processed page or we can say output of request or page parts to escape the repeating on every request and on parallel requests runtime return the results from Cache in place of process the whole request again. So it is to… Read More

Exploring features in Core MVC – 1. View Components

View Components Here I am sharing my understanding about View Components, a new feature in .Net core MVC – View Components is a new feature in core MVC which was called MVC 6 earlier. So why this feature was needed? In MVC 5 we were using Partial view or Html Helper for a reusable component.… Read More