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5 Tips To Optimize Your Social Media Platforms

Digital Marketing Is Essential For Your Business

Social Media Strategy undoubtedly involves time and requires plenty of efforts to provide the result you are seeking for the advancement of your business. The SEO aspect demands the optimization of your social media platforms to enable them to be quickly crawled by the web spiders and hike your website rankings. You should follow these… Read More

Steam Turbines – Moving towards a hot future ahead

Introduced in the late 19th century, steam turbines are largely used for generating electricity across many parts of the world. In addition to power generation, these mechanical devices are also used in various industrial applications and marine propulsion. According to a recent report, they are responsible for generating nearly 80% of the world’s electricity, employing… Read More

Make sure your beauty products are Paraben Free

Sofia Parveen is known among her peers for being quite selective. Keeping her priorities in black and white, she never minces her words while preferring one brand over another. She never hesitates to say no to a sub-standard product even in worst circumstances. The result is all to see now. All along her life, she… Read More

Three Simulator Rides You don’t want to miss!


Simulator rides are a type of ride that can be found at a local amusement park or at theme parks and are where riders are seated in a vehicle and shown a movie. But it doesn’t end there, while watching the movie, riders’ seats move, corresponding to the action on the screen.   There are… Read More

Steam Turbines – Powering up the world

Steam turbines are not new as they are found everywhere and are largely used to rotate huge power generators that produce electricity. Since their invention, they have become the most rugged, reliable and versatile drivers in the industry. Their primary motive is to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy by using turbine blades to make… Read More