Beat the recession and avoid pink slip!

Everyone pray God not to find himself in the critical situation like recession or the cost cutting by the companies. But this occurs and we cannot avoid recession or market situation. See examples of firing or giving pink slips by the big mnc’s like TCS, IBM and Yahoo and many more in recent times. This is destiny which gives us these hard times to test us. Situations like this make us strong and give us immunity to fight tough time.

How to avoid getting pink slip!

First question here we finding front of us is what we need to do when we get a pink slip? Answer is not easy but in steps. First thing are you needed to prepare yourself always for a new job or new company or to search job. You are stable in your company, you are a star performer does not mean you have enough for coming years. Remember you are star till you are performing and updating yourself. Once you are outdated with technologies and technical skills then you would not be as useful for your company as you were. Even you were on top in past you will automatically come below once you left efforts. So be ready to get initiative and learn new things. You should always update yourself with latest technologies.

To update yourself you can have training, a professional training which could help you to revive your career and appraise your salary package too. To get technical training you can ask for your management to arrange technology training or if they are not willing then you can go for a professional training institute and have skill development training which will boost your career in your current company and also this will give you confidence of getting a new job in case of any job risk. You can find any weekend training institute where you can update yourself after getting training.

Survive after you get pink slip or lost your job

You can only survive and get a new job in case of losing job is only by using your technical and professional skills you gain in your past time while working and while updating you with technology training or professional training. If you have some skill which are latest as well as requirement of market then you will definitely get a job after some interviews and job hunting.

Market of IT is very fragile and we may come on job risk any time in future. So always be healthy and ready with your skills and knowledge and this is the high time to get ready for any changes in market.


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