Benefits of Videoconferencing

Benefits of Videoconferencing

One of the advantages of utilizing advanced technologies like cloud and VoIP is that functionality which used to be expensive is often bundled as standard. Videoconferencing used to be the sole preserve of giant corporations; now it’s bundled in Skype and Google Hangouts. But what benefits does it deliver?

Benefits of Videoconferencing

Travel Costs

Video conferencing can save significant sums on travel costs. Of course, some meetings will always need to be face to face, but for in-depth discussions between people in different cities – or different continents – videoconferencing offers convenience without expense. And with impressive advances in quality and ease of use, videoconferencing tech is both reachable and usable for most businesses. If you add up travel per expense, like gas money, hotel spend and the cost of travel itself, then factor in lost productivity thanks to employees who aren’t in the office working, it’s easy to see that even using a premium videoconferencing service offers significant return-on-investment (ROI).


The office telephone increased productivity because it enabled workers to communicate without getting up and wandering all over the building looking for each other. In the modern world, a business might have a presence on three continents. When you want to talk face to face with Minneapolis and keep San Francisco in the loop, videoconferencing is easy and effective.

Hiring and Retention

A company is its staff. If you can’t recruit and keep the best, you’re not going to be the best, so any tool that helps with that belongs in your toolbox. But hiring can be a prolonged and expensive process. Face-to-face interviews can mean flying people in from other cities, paying all their expenses. And in a global economy, the worker you need might be traveling in from Shanghai, Dresden, or Sao Paulo. Videoconferencing can save businesses considerable time and money by making face-to-face conversations possible with potential employees, contractors and partners.


The environment is on many business’ agendas now. As fuel prices rise and being seen to be green has business advantages attached, it’s a good idea to take opportunities to be green, and using videoconferencing software allows you to reduce your carbon footprint significantly in a way that also makes perfect business sense.

Competitive Advantage

Video conferencing lets you create and maintain a competitive advantage for your business. Teams that communicate rapidly and easily through videoconferencing will share information faster and be ready to move on new projects, new products, new ideas, faster than the competition. Interdepartmental communications will also be faster and more efficient, meaning the whole organization is on the same page and ready to implement. It’s the route to better customer service too!


Videoconferencing allows workers to develop face-to-face relationships with their colleagues. This leads to better workplace morale and improved cohesion within the organization, so teamwork gets better and work quality rises.


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