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Cyber crime and attacks are the most dangerous acts that one can ever encounter. Handling over your personal details and sensitive information to strangers can result in financial losses, data thefts, physical losses, and other related problems that might end up taking away all your savings and money. It is true that thousands of websites get hacked every day in lieu of taking a control over email details, residential addresses, contact details, and other such details that can be helpful in conducting heinous crime. Exploiting the security programs and gaining access to data by exploiting vulnerable files, plugins, and misconfiguration on the servers is quite common these days. If you wish to see cyber attack real time, then read the following tips to save your crucial files, folders, and details from malicious hackers:

1. Norse

Norse is a map that is quite helpful in displaying the attack origins, attack type, expected attack target, attacker’s IP, geographic location, and ports. It is world’s largest threat intelligent network that has over 8 million sensors that covers more than 6000 popular applications. If you wish to access details about the attacks that are happening in your vicinity, then filter the map by following geo-location and protocols.

2. Digital Attack Map

You can utilize the capabilities of this map to see daily DDoS attacks worldwide and can filter the map with multiple options to have a look at various cyber attack real time details. Since DDoS attacks are highly dangerous for your online business and their respective activities, you must install and use this application for monitoring and securing your online presence and financial information.

3. FireEye

FireEye or FireEye Cyber Threat Map is one of the leading threat detection and monitoring application that can assist you to find the summary of total attacks happened on the daily basis. It is important to consider that it is not as detailed as the ones mentioned above, but it can help you filter threats and attack details as per various industries and countries or regions.

4. Wordfence

Wordfence is a popular WordPress security plugin with a total number of more than 1 million active installs. The map displays cyber attack real time details that are blocked by its plugin on WordPress websites. Adding a lot to your security and online safety, the plugin immediately blocks the malicious codes and viruses and inform the user regarding the same to keep the entire data and details protected.



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