Bollywood confusion – What can we learn from hindi movies?

bollywood movies confuse people

Title is confusing, right? yes! because it is all about confusion. I want to explore some of confusion Hindi movies create when we try to learn or follow. Someone can argue that movie is for entertainment, not for to learn or follow.  Correct! but still people follow them. Movies create dreams and lot of us try to chase those dreams and that creates confusion.

Now I come to the point. I take an example of some movies of Amir Khan. First is Taare Jameen Par in which he shows that if child is doing ‘awaragardi’ on road, if he is not listening to his teachers or parents. It is not like he is arrogant and irresponsible but he could be find difficult to learn or recognize. So do not scold him or force him to study. In his second movie 3 Idiots it was said that parents should not force children to be something but they should leave it on his desire. Otherwise he may not do well and he/she may not happy in life. Now comes the third movie Dangal. What it says! Yes it is about women power but it also seems to guide parents. If parent keep children in discipline and guide them towards a good career. Success is guaranteed. So here comes the confusion I am talking about :-)

Sorry but I am not criticizing above movies. These are my favorite movies too. But I want to talk about a separate topic and that is if we can learn something from movies or not.

Another example is about romance. Most of the youngsters take the inspiration about love and romance from movies. Movies give them different ideas to find love. Chase, follow, continue to insist, stalk, force, show muscle power – these thing we can see in different movies. People really try the same thing in real life. Movies like Ranjhna tells that if you continue to stalk, one day girl will say yes! Bad idea. isn’t it? Yes it is, but you can see the same idea in thousands of movies like Tere Naam, Saawariya . In real life you will find you in trouble or I can say in jail. In reality you find love in the person you understand well or at least person knows. And we people also confuse, if a hero is stalking a girl we do not mind. For same thing we curse the villain. Do we ever think if above ways are acceptable in our society or not!

Even our hero or heroine is also a confused person in one movie to other. When it is about choice in one movie hero choose family over girlfriend but in another movie he leave family for girlfriend. In one movie heroine impress by education and fluent English, another movie by money, in third movie by hitting goons. fourth awaarapan and so on.  We common people find all correct as per movie theme and situation! So what to do?

My conclusion is watch movies for entertainment and keep your mind at home. Learn from your experiences and check your society. We can not learn anything from movies but can get some idea if we find that positive and acceptable in our society.

I have written whatever I feel when watch movies . Please give your suggestions/comments at . Thanks for reading!


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