Budget Decorating Ideas For Your Paying Guest Room

Decorating a PG room is an optional thing. It is a matter of personal choice – if you are too particular about your interior, you can always do something about it. But would it be wise going extravagant on decorating this temporary accommodation? You may have to shift somewhere else any day so it is best not to spend hugely on it. Rather, you should look for something that revamps your paying guest room effortlessly without draining your pocket. Here are some affordable ways to decorate your room.

Polka Dot Walls

Did anyone tell you that polka dots are back in trend?! If yours is a girls PG, you can play with polka dots on one of the four walls of your room. Take some colorful papers and cut them in round strips. Now either you attach them across a number of ropes and hang the ropes from the height of the wall or simply stick the papers to the wall. You can use a good quality adhesive that easily peels off so that you keep the room as it is while leaving.

Place A Table Lamp

You don’t have to make it a lavish affair. Just buy a second hand table lamp and change the shade to give it a personal touch. It will give your room an instant face lift and lift your mood as well. Make sure the shade compliments with the colour of your wall and the fabrics on your furniture. This is a quick and simple way to do a room decor.

Recycle Your Old Denim

How about some DIY projects in between your studies? If you have denims that you don’t use any more, you can repurpose them in no time. Cut off a few pockets and turn them into trendy storage solutions and hang on the wall. You can store your pen, pencil or other project accessories in the pockets to give it a casual look.

Get Some Greens

Nothing works better like greens do. Place some ornamental plants in your room and see how it changes the whole vibe. If you don’t have time to nourish them well you can always switch to artificial flora. Greens are not only good for your overall health but they give the space a more homely feel.


Lighting them everyday can be a little expensive but you can use scented candles on special occasions like Christmas or Diwali. Tea light candles or the bigger ones are immensely popular among room decor ideas. You can also use them when you are extremely tired or feeling low as they will instantly fill you with positivity.

Use Colorful papers

They are cheap and can make any boring surface look interesting. If your cupboard looks boring, paste some colorful art papers using washi tapes or any other good quality sticker. You can even use them for your drawers and other surfaces. All it takes is a hardly 1 hour and your room is ready to delight you.


Aren’t these ideas affordable and interesting? Have you tried any of these till now? Do let us know if you have any more fun ideas for your contemporaries. These simple accessory items like colored papers, washi tapes, greens, DIY projects can go a long way in adding personality to your room.

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