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Are you a student of +2 or undergoing graduate or completed with your education? Do you want to build your career in IT field? But what are the opportunities in IT field and how could you make your career in IT?

Answer is there are lots of opportunities in IT field. You can be a software engineer or a support engineer providing technical support. You could go to be a web designer or graphic designer and could be a search engine optimizer. Also you can be a technical writer or a professional content developer.  I am trying to list out some of these –

  •          Software Engineer
  •          Web developer
  •          Web designer
  •          Graphic Designer
  •          Search engine optimizer (SEO)
  •          Digital marketing executive
  •          Content Writer

Now you may ask what education, technical skills and professional training, I need for these career opportunities and how I could achieve.

What education need?

We can talk individually about each career opportunity in detail because each of these opportunity require different skill set, technical training and education background

Software engineer – To be a software engineer you need to be a B.Tech, MCA or any equivalent diploma. Actually you can be a software developer without these  degrees but these degrees provides you base and currently most of the companies prefer technical degree for software engineers recruitment. But if you think degree is enough to get a job of software development then you are under wrong impression! You need to be logical, analytical and quick learner. You also need to have some specific technical skills or have some professional training to get industry specific technical skill. This training may be from a professional training institute.

Web developer – Web developer is basically a type of software developer and you need to have same training, skills and education qualification which a software engineer need to have.

Web Designer/ UI developer or Graphic designer – A web designer may not need to have a technical degree but in the current scenario where companies expects a web designer not only design but UI development to a degree helps to go technically strong while using scripts and UI programming.  A web designer or UI developers should be creative, practical oriented, well trained, having knowledge of good color combinations. First step to be a designer is to get professional training of web designing tools and technologies and then the second step is practice more and more.

Search Engine Optimization or Digital marketing executive – In this world of internet savvy and eCommerce generation the role of search engine optimizer is going demanding day by day. Everyone wants to have on top of the cloud and have some online business and SEO persons give a boom to it. For a SEO a B.Tech or MCA degree is not must but a person having good knowledge of internet, google and other functionality and having good logical mind and with good reasoning. If you want to make a career in SEO / SMO field then better you get a professional training from best training institute as having training will kick start your career immediately and you can start your job hunting immediately. You can even add some experience to your CV.

Content Writer – Today’s for every step of online representation you need good content and for this every company and individual going for online business need quality content. A content writer could be a very low educated but having good command on language and grammar of language. Most demanding is English language. Persona should also have good capacity of reading and good knowledge of various subjects. For content writer there seems no technical training available in market but language specific trainings are available.

So here I have marked very few opportunities a person can grab in IT field by having proper education and training. But actually there are lots of other opportunities in IT field in today’s era. Just choose best for own self and get professional training and then go for it.


I am a Microsoft certifies software professional working exclusively in web application development. I have started for informative articles and blog. I am learning writing as I like to read and write. Love to write on any subject of my knowledge when free.

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