Business set up in Dubai-free zone offers big return

What a company needs to prosper and grow? The answer to this could be a one liner or it could be explained in thousands of words. In a nutshell, it has been observed that a company needs level playing field to grow. There should be less government interference. Official permissions and approvals should be hassle free. And if all these things happen in a city like Dubai, nothing can be better than that. Dubai is a bustling city now, which has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs from across the world to get benefited from the local business friendly policies.

In the entire UAE, the total number of free zones is more than 22 and these are home to around 10,000 companies. Dubai has the largest number of free zones and so it benefits the most. The Jebel Ali Free Zone is the first free zone in the country which has set the standards for rules, regulations and incentives. With progressive and favorable operating conditions, Dubai has turned out to be an attractive destination for business start -ups for many entrepreneurs from across the world.

There are immense benefits of setting up a business in Dubai-free zone. The major seven advantages are: 100% foreign ownership, 100% free transfer of funds, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, and 100% exemption of import & export of duties. Apart from this easier and quicker company formation rules, inexpensive labor force and simple recruitment processes and 25 years lease options with warehouse facilities, production and assembling area have been pulling in a large number of entrepreneurs to set up business in free-zones.

So, with these many benefits, who wouldn’t like to get benefitted and run a successful business in Dubai. The city has emerged as the business hub of the Middle East. The lifestyle appeal and investment incentives offered here have appealed to people across the world. Dubai’s strategic location gives easy access to billions of consumers, from a centralized time zone, which combines East and West business hours.

Dubai is a perfect business gateway not only for the East but for West as well. It has emerged as the import and export destination for entrepreneurs across the world. So, as an entrepreneur if you are planning to set-up a business in this happening city, it’s ok to board a flight and reach the city which offers immense opportunity for the business community. The culture, lifestyle, rules and regulations applicable here offer ample options for those who are dreaming to see their business set up in Dubai UAE free zone.


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