Buying UPS or Inverters for Home? 6 Points to Help You Get Started

You want to buy inverters for home appliances or maybe UPS for computers, but you are not sure how to start your search. Perhaps you have already made up your mind to buy a particular brand of inverter or UPS, but you are unaware of what specification suits your requirement.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, then this article will definitely help you.


When you plan to buy inverter or UPS, you need to know at least six things to get started to begin with.

1. Appliances you want to connect to the inverter for home. For example,

2. Backup power requirement in Watts:

Roughly calculate the total power requirement in Watts, by summing the watts consumed by each appliance you want to connect to your inverter. For example, if you want to connect 1 fan and 2 CFLs to your inverter at home, then

3. Inverter Capacity and Inverter Battery Capacity:
Roughly Calculate the inverter capacity and battery power yourself or ask your power product vendor to do that for you. Inverter and UPS power is measured in VA and battery capacity in Ah.

4. Number of hours you want to run your appliances
Remember, it’s not just the power consumption in watts that’s important, but also for how long you want to run these appliances. For Example, if you have an inverter with capacity 600 VA and attached inverter battery 150 Ah, with same setup you will be able to run 2 fans for 8 hours (back of the envelope calculation) or you can use two fans and 2 CFLs for 6 hours.

5. Authorized UPS or Inverter dealers Contact authorized inverter dealers/ UPS dealers to finally make the purchase. So let’s say, if you plan to buy Microtek inverters for home or Microtek UPS for computer, then I strongly suggest you buy only from an authorized dealer of Microtek. There will not be any issue with respect to warranty of products which you buy directly from authorized dealers.

Secondly, needless to say, after- sales service is better because authorized dealers have fewer or no intermediary dealers to deal with for repair and services.

6. Authorized inverter battery dealers
Instead of emphasizing the importance of buying inverter or UPS battery from authorized dealers again, I’ll use this space to give you more pointers about the power backup battery itself. Battery capacity is measure in Ah i.e amp hours. Batteries have limited amp hours capacity so you, as a buyer of inverter battery, must understand that the size of the battery has to be large enough to handle the demand of your appliances. Find a reliable and authorized ups and inverter battery dealer and tell them your requirement of total expected watt consumption (calculated in step two).

How to find out if the dealers is authorized or not?
Just ask them explicitly. Cross check on their website. For example, Electromatic Sales websites clearly mentions that they are authorized dealers of inverter and UPS brands like Microtek , Luminous, etc.

About Inverter and UPS Brands in India:
Microtek, Luminous and Su-Kam are very popular and well known brands in Indian market for inverters for home and UPS. Genus is also a very reliable inverter and UPS brand in India.

About inverter and ups battery brands in India:
Exide inverter battery is one of the most popular in India perhaps. Luminous inverter batteries are also well known and easily available brands in India. Some really good batteries, but not so well known in Indian market are Taiwa and Rocket.

Electromatic Sales is a multi-brand  power product store in Kanpur for inverter, battery & UPS.  We have explained here how you can decide how to get started to buy Inverter and UPS.



Electromatic is a multi-brand electronic power product store for inverter, battery, UPS, stabilizer and solar products for home and commercial use. Founded in 1972, Electromatic Sales has at present dealership of brands like Exide, Luminous, Microtek, Su-kam, Rocket and distributorship of Genus Inverter.

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