Career path of an IT professional with growing experience

To be a programmer or an IT engineer is not easy job! But its very tough to survive and making growth with growing experience. In every other profession your experience is an advantage and it works in betterment of your economical growth and position. Same is applicable in IT field also but with a difference. In this field you need to advancement in your skills, work standard and level very rapidly. This is the only way to survive and grow while working as an IT professional.

Once you are in your routine job and not updating yourself or not growing technically you will face a decline in your career. You are working best and giving good results in your daily core, even then you may face a criticism of not up to the mark as per your experience because in IT there is a career path you have to follow with your number of years spent in this field.

People in IT may be of two types –  one category is of professionals who want to be involve in his work and do not bother about others, they are technically rich and they can complete their given task, they can assist others technically but they are not good enough in get the job done. These professional could go towards a technical role only and the path of these professional may be like this –

Engineer -> Technical Lead -> Technical Architect

This is way to move for a technical only person don’t like to manage. This path need to grow technically very fast and if you are a programmer you just not only involve in coding if you want to move from a Engineer to Lead position you need to involve in designing and architecting the product. You need to be updated, technically strong and have a solution of complex problems. You can not be a programmer on a 8 or 10 years experience because your organization will expect more from you on that experience and you also will be expecting better salary and position with gaining experience. So to escape of declining inn your career path you need to upgrade yourself technically.

Another path for an IT engineer is to became a lead and then manager. In that case your career  path may be like this –

Engineer -> Team Leader -> Project Manager

This is a way for you if you like to manage work and manage people. A manager task is also very tough as he need to manage time, schedule, cost, people and clients. Even in todays competitive world a manager also need to involve technically. A manager also need to have a very good communication with their team and superiors(management) and also with clients. A manager also need to know latest technologies, management tools, estimation techniques, current trends etc.

So this is all about the career path of an It engineer. If you are from this field, you need to keep track of your career and watch career path carefully to see whether you are on right path and moving correct. You are upgrading yourself or just struggling with your daily core. Because once you are left behind, you need extra effort to come back on the right track.



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