Casting agents… the unsung heroes of film industry!

It is true that casting agents are tend to be the unsung heroes of our film industry because the hard work and dedication they put in towards the making of a film, rarely gets appreciated. But, it is also true that without casting agents, this industry is incomplete.

It takes years of experience, knowledge, networking and hard work to become a pro in the world of casting and if you are that empathetic person who want to be a casting agent, then here are some tips to follow:

Low Start: You should take a step into the world of casting as soon as you realize your passion towards this career. Your knowledge and education can really help you in becoming the best casting director. By knowledge it doesn’t mean that you should have some Ph.D., but at least have the knowledge of characterisation to justify your job.

Taking few acting classes will help you understand actors and the acting process, also you will be able to recognize talent. One of the best way to start your casting career is to get on board as an actor, this will certainly help you in understanding more about casting process and role of casting agents.

Experience: Each and every producer, director and studios look out for experienced casting agents for their project, so having experience in related field is a must else they won’t hire you. By assisting or doing internship with different casting agents, you can work your way up to casting associate or even a production assistant.

The best way to understand the importance of casting agents is to see them work. If possible, involve in all types of productions including, advertisements, television, films and theatres to get the first-hand experience on casting process. You might get an opportunity while working with casting agents as they work closely with directors and producers to ensure the best production outcome.

Networking: This is an essential ingredient when it comes to casting. Start at initial level as it takes years for great networking. Casting is all about making connections and who you know, so study and research about the artists associated with the industry and try to get in touch with them. Having good relationships with agents as well as artists will help you move up in your career.

Aim High: Just keep on checking your database of actors, this will help you in knowing your actors better. A good casting agent is the one who has good memory, an eye for talent and of course patience. At each stage, you will learn that in any production, how daunting the role of casting agents is.

Don’t lose hope if you do not get any success in your first attempt, just try your best with more patience and persistence while improving your communication skills alongside.

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