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Invoicing mistakes that most startups make

Every startup owner knows the struggle and importance of dealing with invoices.Money is the core feature of your business and you don’t want to mess it up, especially when you are just starting off, right? Everybody carries a manual of all the right things to practice in their business but its equally important to know… Read More

Top 6 Things Not To Be Worn To A Wedding!

So, it’s your best friend’s wedding and you are super excited. You have all your ensembles stocked up for all of the ceremonies. Everything from your dress to accessories to footwear is gorgeous! But are you sure you are not going all out for her wedding sartorially? Read on to know what you need to… Read More

3 Must-Have Abilities of Project Managers

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with many top-notch project managers. These men and women do what is necessary to meet the objectives of the project. They encounter obstacles along the way, including spending more than budgeted, and falling behind schedule. However, they quickly identify the problem, and take corrective action to keep… Read More


The NPS is calculated based on responses to a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague? The scoring for this answer is most based on a 0 to 10 scale. The ones who respond with a score of 9 to 10 are called “Promoters”. Others who respond… Read More


Customer feedback is basically the opinion of the customers regarding your products and services. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business, so, customer opinion is the most important of all and you need to make sure you listen to them at all times. Customer feedback matters a lot as it benefits your… Read More

How would be Mobile App Management (MAM) for Today’s Businesses

With mobility becoming an integral part of the business world, enterprises are now focusing on developing mobile strategies. However, in order to benefits from such a strategy there needs to be a Mobile App Management (MAM) strategy as well. It must be stated that Mobile Application Management (MAM) isn’t the same as Mobile Device Management… Read More