Having a Plan is Essential to Passing the PMP® Exam

There are far too many people preparing for the PMP® exam who lack a plan. If you ask them how many hours they are going to study, they might respond as follows: “I guess I’ll know it when I’m ready.” This means they could literally study 200 or more! The 1,000 Hour Study Plan Not… Read More

How to setup business in DMCC free zone

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre free zone shorty known as DMCC free zone is the fast emergent and a large free trade zone in the UAE; with over 12,000 plus listed companies. It was first started in the beginning of 2002 by the gov’t of Dubai in order to form a commercial focal point for commodity… Read More


A non-disclosure agreement as the term suggests provides protection from disclosure of confidential information. Such confidential information may include any intellectual property, marketing strategy, relay disclosures, software, source codes, verbal disclosures etc. There is no hard and fast rule when a non-disclosure agreement is executed. Alternatively, it can be executed between an employer and employee,… Read More

Import Parcel – Know Various Important Facts

Are you anxious to import parcels from other countries? Well, this article gives you an excellent opportunity to explore some useful information in this regard. You can understand every important detail in this regard by reading entire article thoroughly. With the great invention of internet, people can easily come across something online that in fact… Read More

Pure Water can help you in reducing weight

Do you know pure water is very beneficial in weight loss and helps you in staying hydrated. By consuming sufficient  amount  of pure water you do not have to consume coffee or high calorie snacks and you also feel full throughout the day. Always intake pure water which we get from range of water purifiers.… Read More

Why A Limo Is All You Need To Save Your Business In Winter

Business trips, especially international ones, must happen rain or shine. Then again, when it’s winter, things can be extremely challenging. When you have an important flight that you just can’t miss, yet Calgary weather report states that the commute to the airport is going to be unpleasant. You ask yourself, do you have a choice?… Read More