When do you need help of an emergency dental care expert?

Dental injuries like breakage of tooth, dislodgement of one or more teeth, partial fractures together with smashing of gum line caused due to auto/motorbike accident, slip and fall is a common incident. For youngsters fond of playing football, basketball or volleyball often encounter collide with opponent players may lead to instant breakage of teeth and… Read More

Hair transplant and its procedure

What Is HAIR TRANSPLANT & How It Is Done? Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure which works by moving hair follicles from one part of your body (preferable scalp) called the “donor region” to a bald or region showing signs of balding which is known as the “recipient region”. This technique is primarily used in… Read More

Oral diseases, prevention and dental treatments

Oral health or overall health plays a vital role in human beings life. When we are chewing something experiencing pain, it indicates early warning symptoms to the cavity. The majority of dentists suggested that everyone have to professionally clean their teeth for every 6-12 months. From this, we can easily reduce the periodontal disease progressing.… Read More

What you need to know about the Blueberry Extract!

Got love for Blueberries? Well, they are extremely nutritious and is one of the world’s most potential sources of the antioxidants. While the Blueberry extract is sold in the form of a supplement that is natural in nature. Due to its enormous list of health perks, the blueberry extract is always praised as a highly… Read More

Best Natural Ways to Treat a Cold and Cough

Do you have a cold, hoarseness, sore throat and chesty cough? Well, check out the best natural ways! There are more than 200 airborne viruses that can cause colds and coughs. Most of them persist in your body for seven to 10 days and make you feel bad. And if you catch another virus, your… Read More

Different Hair Extensions For Different Purposes

Hair extensions is the first option to look at when females start experiencing hair loss. These can be either clip-in or can be bonded using heated glue to attach it with existing hair or can even be woven into your own hair. However, it is important that you find a reputed supplier so that the… Read More

Male Circumcision – Procedure, Risks and After Care

Baby boys are born with a foreskin covering their penis to provide warmth and lubrication. Circumcision involves the surgical removal of this foreskin during infancy. However, grown up adults may sometimes have to undergo this surgery as a treatment method for certain rare conditions. The foreskin is the normal extension of skin covering the entire… Read More