‘.Net Core’

Cache and practical use of file cache

Cache Cache is a tool to manage state of a user. It store the processed page or we can say output of request or page parts to escape the repeating on every request and on parallel requests runtime return the results from Cache in place of process the whole request again. So it is to… Read More

Exploring features in Asp.net Core MVC – 1. View Components

View Components Here I am sharing my understanding about View Components, a new feature in .Net core MVC – View Components is a new feature in asp.net core MVC which was called MVC 6 earlier. So why this feature was needed? In MVC 5 we were using Partial view or Html Helper for a reusable component.… Read More

Exciting features in .Net Core 1.0 Framework !

.Net core is officially launched. This is completely new framework in place of just an upgrade of .Net Framework! In 1 week of my learning of .Net core I found it very exciting with great features. Here is a list of features I am excited about – Cross Platform – So we are not bound to Windows now.… Read More