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Options for Funding your Home Purchase in India

The opening up of the Indian economy over two decades ago brought in a lot of choices hereto unknown to the common man. Today the average Indian consumer is spoilt for choice – both in terms of the products and the funding for those products. Therefore, it wouldn’t be any surprise when see the home-buying… Read More

How to Find a Suitable PG Accommodation in Gurgaon

House-Hunting for anyone is a patience testing game. Every year students go out to study and leave the comfort of their homes, but only if this was an easy task to do so. It is evidently a nightmare for all the students when they do not find a suitable accommodation & settle for something really… Read More

How to Sell your House at best possible price?

Sell house

You might be struggling to sell your family home. Either you want to relocate in a bigger house or you are migrating abroad. After several viewing, you haven’t received a reasonable offer. This situation clearly indicates that your property is lacking the kerb to hold potential buyers. If you are facing the same situation continue… Read More

Home Insurance Rates: Why Do They Vary?

A home insurance policy ensures that any loss or damage that occurs to your house is covered by the insurance company. The insured needs to pay a fixed premium to the insurer. Although several companies offer home insurance, not all may offer a fair price. Compare rates among different insurance companies before you purchase insurance.… Read More

Process of Construction of Houses

It is very simple to say that the construction of New Homes Meridian is the process of building single and multi-family residential developments. All these processes are generally taken care by the developers or the investors who are responsible for building these houses and selling them for a profit. The designing and planning everything is… Read More

Budget Decorating Ideas For Your Paying Guest Room

Decorating a PG room is an optional thing. It is a matter of personal choice – if you are too particular about your interior, you can always do something about it. But would it be wise going extravagant on decorating this temporary accommodation? You may have to shift somewhere else any day so it is… Read More

New Gurgaon Throws Several Options For Realty Sector

For all the stakeholders of the realty sector, new Gurgaon is the most happening place that offers ample opportunities for expansion, growth and development. New Gurgaon region covers areas adjoining Dwarka Expressway and Sohna Road. Realty experts feel these areas have multiple advantages: First and foremost: The region is progressing as hub through another development… Read More

New Policy Strongly Backs Realty Sector in Gurgaon

What realtors expect for a quick growth in the realty sector? It is nothing but a healthy policy that can further spurt the development vehicle throwing lots of opportunities for developers as well as customers. The new integrated licensing policy (NILP) introduced in Gurgaon by Haryana Government has brought smiles back on the faces of… Read More