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Wimbledon Is the New Corporate Hangout Place

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Businesses worldwide have been adopting new and innovative ideas to stay ahead of their competitors in every aspect. Be it productivity or customer shares, creative approach has always been the king of the market and industry. From client meetings to board discussions and employee rewards, all the areas of business administration have seen new developments… Read More

2015 Wimbledon is moved back a week!!!

The next Wimbledon tennis tournament, in 2015, will be commencing one week later than previous year’s tournaments and will not start until the June 29th. The main thinking behind the move is that it will give the players more time to become accustomed to the grass court surface after playing on the clay in the… Read More

A day at Wimbledon – The experience

  Wimbledon is the oldest international tennis event to be held in the world. Started in 1877, the tournament has covered a journey of almost 137 years. Wimbledon has a rich history and with time, interesting things were introduced in the event, which have gradually become an inherent part of the tournament. The traditional white… Read More

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule


Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule Cricket is very famous in Asia, Australia, Africa and England. There are lot of other country where people play cricket. When it comes the turn of ICC world cup cricket is most watched and its like a fever in world cup. In countries like India people follow every match of… Read More

Why people of India are so crazy about cricket?


Cricket! A sport any Indian could not ignore. And you will not find any of the person from India who are not aware or have knowledge of cricket. Here everybody must play cricket on some stage for sure, even if you played it in your colony park. Even India’s national game Hockey is not as much popular… Read More

Morning walk! what restrict us?

Morning Walk

This is known that we should go for morning walk daily, morning walk is very important for our fitness etc. etc. Most of us know that how important morning walk is for us. Still we are not able to follow it in a routine.  So why we are not able to adopt the habit we know… Read More