Hidden Features about the Popularity of Container Booking Script

Due to the higher technology, every business industries want to upgrade business rapidly. Container booking script provides great facility to the customers and users. In earlier time, customers take risk while booking shipment because they don’t know the status of booked container or shipment. There is no way to get the full security of the… Read More


Customer feedback is basically the opinion of the customers regarding your products and services. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business, so, customer opinion is the most important of all and you need to make sure you listen to them at all times. Customer feedback matters a lot as it benefits your… Read More

8 Superb Web Design Tips for Better Mobile Conversion Rates

Internet has now become an important part of everyone’s live. No one can survive without the internet. In today’s fast-paced technology, where the person used to surf internet on computers, now they can access in on their smartphones. This device has so much to do with other than calling or clicking pictures. Using your mobile… Read More

What are proxy servers?

Proxy Site is a world wide web site that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients and resources taken from other place (Server). So, with the help of proxy sites list, you can privately access blocked sites on each computer without saving the history. In easy words, the literal meaning of Proxy is Indirect.… Read More

Email Marketing and the latest trends

Email Marketing is a kind of direct marketing. Basically, Email Marketing is a medium to communicate your message through electronic mail, regarding, the matter of fund, any commercial matter, etc. to your target audience or potential customers. Email marketing can also be quite cost efficient. There is no need to involve multiple staff members or… Read More


What is class and object in java? In simple language we can say class is a model in which we define the variables and methods which is used to  objects and not physically exist , Where as an object is anything that exists physically having the properties and actions defined in class . Lets Know… Read More

Why we learn AutoCAD? And what are the features Goals to achieve?

AutoCAD stands for Automatic Computer Aided Design. It is a 2- D and 3-D computer aided drafting software program which is used in construction, architecture, manufacturing to create the blueprint for bridges, buildings, computer chips and other engineering plans. Simply, AutoCAD is a commercial software program used to draw 2 -D and 3-D models with… Read More

Andorid Latest updates with Features and Benfits

What is Android and Latest Features of Android: Android is one of the mobile operating systems was invented by Google based on the Linux Kernel and specially designed to software for the mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets. Android OS role is to act as a translator between user and user gadget that loosely… Read More