Get to know the history of steam turbines

Steam turbines are not new now as they have been powering our world since decades. But did you know when was the first steam turbine made? But before jumping into that aspect, let’s know more about the steam turbines first. A steam turbine generally refers to a mechanical device which is used to produce thermal… Read More

Steam Turbines – Moving towards a hot future ahead

Introduced in the late 19th century, steam turbines are largely used for generating electricity across many parts of the world. In addition to power generation, these mechanical devices are also used in various industrial applications and marine propulsion. According to a recent report, they are responsible for generating nearly 80% of the world’s electricity, employing… Read More

Steam Turbines – Powering up the world

Steam turbines are not new as they are found everywhere and are largely used to rotate huge power generators that produce electricity. Since their invention, they have become the most rugged, reliable and versatile drivers in the industry. Their primary motive is to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy by using turbine blades to make… Read More

What is a steam turbine? What are its components?

Power is a crucial component is today’s fast-paced world. From high-speed trains to super computers, it is the power of electricity that drives the world towards growth and innovation. In most of the cases, power generation companies bank upon the expertise of a leading steam turbine components manufacturer to meet their technical needs. And whenever… Read More

Steam Turbines – Powering India towards a bright future

Have you ever tried to know how electricity is generated? How fuels like diesel, natural gas, or coal are central to power generation? How one form of energy gets converted to the other and finally into electrical energy? The answer is turbines. Majority of power we consume is produced using turbines that are installed in… Read More

Understand the importance of turbine blade design in power generation

Electricity has become an essential part of life in all spheres of modern society. In the home, electricity is used to power fans, air conditioners that provide a comfortable atmosphere, electricity is used to power the network of computer systems used comprehensively in commercial inventory organization, and in the computerized processes that govern manufacturing processes… Read More

Steam turbine solutions – Transforming steam into power


Out of them, steam turbine solutions are the most commonly used solutions for power generation. There are primary two types of steam turbines – Non-condensing (Back-pressure) Steam Turbine and Extraction Steam Turbine. The first type is largely used for central power generation. These power-only utility turbines exhaust straight to condensers that uphold vacuum conditions at… Read More

What is a reaction turbine and how it works?


No one can deny the pivotal role of turbines in the field of power generation that drive the world all over. We can’t think of a developed world without the adequate availability of power. It is the electricity which is behind everything today from lighting up homes to product manufacturing. If you remove electricity from… Read More

Steam Turbines – How they drive us towards growth?

In India, energy is a big issue as there are many remote areas in the country that are still in their dark days. Though government is making every possible move to make electricity available to the farthest parts of the nation, there are various regions that are still waiting for the same. From solar power… Read More