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Gradually the traditional publishing industry has gone through a sea change. Now new concepts and approaches have occupied much of the traditional publishing landscape. The current generation believes in experiment and they always thrive upon something new either to invent something or add some extra value to the existing system and space. The same rules apply to the publishing industry as well.

The I-age writers don’t believe in waiting for a long period of time. They want a solution at a rapid pace. This urgency has given rise to self-publishing companies. Now many companies are dealing in this publishing process. This process gives ultimate freedom to all the authors to design and add creative value to their book and preserve it for centuries to come.

Books in all topics and categories are self-published like: Fiction, non-fiction, biographies & autobiographies, poetry, booklets and novellas. The types of self-publishing options are clearly mentioned on the websites and in the brochures of the company. You have to just select your own desired option. Generally, companies offer two options: free publishing and paid publishing. By choosing your preferred option, you can go into details. Even in paid publishing category, there are several packages offered to choose and get your dream book published.

Even in self-publishing, ISBN number is required. Each version of a book-paperback, hardcover, second edition, etc., must have a unique ISBN. Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN provides ISBN number in India. A writer’s manuscript use to be copyrighted with or without registration if it is a unique creative piece. However, if it is copyrighted with the Indian Copyright Office, it gets additional legal protection.

Most of companies appoint dedicated project managers (PM) who help authors to get their book published. PMs help with the entire publishing process like: getting editors, designers and pricing experts to publish a book as per a chosen package. Once the book gets published, its distribution and marketing process starts and for this also companies hire their distribution team to get the book reach to a wider audience.

Even author support teams are created to help authors to keep a track of book sales and then ascertain to get author’s royalty reach to them. Companies offer varieties of self-publishing packages and by considering all the cost of self-publishing a book, you can price your book competitively. This is the most striking benefit of choosing the option of self-publishing a book.


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