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Diamonds are forever and so are colored gemstones! The monotony of the sea of sparkling white diamonds is often broken by colored gemstones and colored diamonds. The big three – emerald, ruby and sapphire – are the pillars of color stone jewellery wholesalers in India, as they have done surprisingly well in the consumer marketplace over the last few years. The price of color gemstone jewellery has increased by nearly 20 percent over the last two years and is expected to go higher with the increasing demand.

Jewellery wholesalers in India in a win-win situation

Color stone jewellery has always been a part of the rich royalty of India and the world. The crown jewels all over the world clearly speak for the long-lasting love of the world for rarer gems. Over the time, the fragmented market of color stone jewellery wholesalers in India led to the diminishing interest in such precious gems by consumers. But with digitalization and people getting exposed to international trends, color stone jewellery is back in the limelight.

Colored stones: The trend of the time

In India, blue sapphires have become popular rampantly in the last decade. Sapphires and rubies run through generations in our country due to their astrological repercussions and eternal glitz, as estimated by color stone jewellery wholesalers in India. Internationally, the demand for green tourmaline, blue topaz and all other hues of quartz crystal are reaching new heights.

Diamonds bejeweled with hues

The growing value of fancy colored diamonds, which makes up just 2 percent of all diamonds, is no secret. In a Forbes article published last year, Leibish Polnauer, president and founder of Leibish & Co., noted that a five-carat fancy brown diamond increased in value by 180 percent from 2001 to 2011. According to jewellery wholesalers in India, brown diamond jewelry are high in demand because of their rare availability that adds to their preciousness.

Coloured stones are in demand for adorning both, vintage-style and modern-minimalist jewelry, because of their majestic appeal. Coloured gemstones have come through phases of ups and downs but have survived in the market because of their everlasting charm.


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