Converting From JPG to Word Clean and Easy

On many instances, we may have found ourselves in situations that required that we convert an image file to an editable word document. It may be a beautiful piece of poetry or some words of inspiration that we want to incorporate in a word document, or a piece of our class assignment that we need to copy out and include in what we have already typed; it could be just anything in jpg (image) format.

It could be difficult retyping the entire text from the image file. Sometimes, the thought of that simply discourages us from even going further with the task at hand. That really shouldn’t be the case anymore, because in a few simple steps, you can convert basically anything from jpg to word format. You simply need to download and install a software, and your worries are gone.

JPG to Word Converter

A good number of systems have been put online that claim to convert jpg files to word documents. While some of these products will actually do the job for you, many others will really not produce the results you expect. To save you the trouble of looking for a reliable jpg to word converter, we recommend this one which you can download at It is probably the easiest converter you will ever use thanks to its simple interface. The converter which you can also download from, supports 40 languages, making it quite a useful resource for almost everyone in the world. Once you’ve downloaded the jpg to word converter, follow these simple steps to install it and start converting your files.

  • Run the installation setup you just downloaded. When the installation is completed, open the software. You will be taken to its homepage .
  • At the left side of the software, you get to select the file you want to convert. You have the option to either select a file that has been saved on your computer, or to scan a file from your scanner.
  • After uploading the image, you have to select the format you want for the output file. It is naturally going to be Word (Doc). If you want to get the file in all the available formats the software has, you will have to “Select All” in the output menu.
  • After that, select the language you wish to have for the image file. Do that from the drop down menu under
  • Next, check the “Auto Rotate” and “Auto Skew” boxes. This should correct the rotation and skew of the jpg file.
  • Click the “Save” button and Bingo!!! You just successfully made a jpg to word

If you need some more assistance on using the software, watch the video tutorial at

Some helpful tips…

  • It is a good idea to always provide an image whose quality is good enough; the better the image quality, the more accurate your results.
  • You can add watermarks to your converted file and protect it with a password. The software has security features that can enable you do that.

You might not have known this, now you do! It is easy to convert a file from JPG to Word (or any other file you want). Simply use this amazing JPG to Word Converter.



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