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Daniel Wellington watches are manufactured from Sweden and are sold all over the world. Although they sell mostly from their own website, they do have some retail outlets. They offer watches for both the sexes but the unique feature of these watches is the interchangeable straps. Some of the watches have fixed leather straps as well and each model is available in silver and rose gold.

The thickness of these watches is very less, as less as 6 mm, which makes them one of the thinnest watches available. The watches have an eggshell white face and that makes the watches look very crisp and clean.

These watches are elegant and are suitable for most of the occasions. They have a peppy look and obviously, we can’t ignore the ultra-thin finish either. However, the first and foremost job of a watch is to tell the time and Daniel Wellington does that to perfection. In fact, you can use this timepiece as the reference for other watches and clocks you might have.

Being so thin, these watches are also very easy to wear and light. It is so light, that you often don’t feel it on your wrist. That is a sharp contrast from the heavy and cumbersome watches we often wear. The straps are of high quality and complements the the rose gold colour of the watch. The watch is a simple one where you can see no extra dial or fancy buttons but just lines, not digits, telling you the precise time

You can look very fashionable with this peppy looking watch on your wrist. Although this is not a new feature, interchangeable straps are offered by only few watchmakers and nobody does it better than Daniel Wellington.

If you love to follow the fashion or love to wear a new look on different days and occasions, this feature will entice you. There are dozens of different traps available, both from the manufacturer and in the market, which allow you to match the occasion or the mood or the outfit you are wearing.

As we have already stated, this is a very easy to wear and light watch. It can also be said that this is not one of those ‘loud’ watches who make others take a note of it. This is a more dignified, subtle and discreet watch which you can buy from a handful retailers who sell Daniel Wellington in London.



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