Decide About Chemotherapy Side-Effects Early

Cancer is always heartbreaking and frightening. We are so preoccupied that the thought of choosing the right wig for the cancer patients doesn’t come to mind. Friends and families take care of many other things and thus the wig often gets ignored. This is not something to be ignored. One of the most discussed side effects of chemotherapy is the loss of hair, for both male and female patients. This includes both body hair and the hair on the head. To some people, this is the scariest part of undergoing chemotherapy and the side effects.

Ideally, friends or family of the affected party should take all the possible side-effects of chemotherapy into consideration. There can be a whole lot of side effects and not all of those are physical. However, the hair loss problem is the most prominent problem and friends and families should discuss the possibility, the effect and the possible solutions with the patients. In a way, this is the easiest method to prepare the patients for what to follow. While the main concern should be how to stay healthy rather than to worry about how they might look, this is often a very easier said than done process. The patient is going to worry about the look anyway.

Now, it is time to sit with the patient and discuss the available options. One of the popular choices would be to use a wigs for chemo patients. Please check with your insurance provider and see if the cost of the wig is covered under the policy as this is a prosthesis device. This can be the first logical step.

A bespoke natural hair wig is not possible to use as they might take months before they are ready for use. A hybrid or pure synthetic hair wig is the best choice as they are readily available. Moreover, synthetic wigs are easier to maintain as well. These wigs are not party wigs and they will be used extensively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will require some styling and also some cleaning. These factors are to be considered as well. Buying two wigs is a good choice as you can use the other when the first one is being washed or maintained. You can also sport two different styles, depending on your choice. You can also choose one real hair wig and one synthetic wig.



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