Design and Create Your Own Belt

If you love to do leather crafts. Creating your own leather belt could be an exciting project. Aside from being one of the easier things to create, they can also make great gifts to someone. Irrespective of what you believe, leather belts are actually easier to create.

First of all, purchase the required leather and buckles for leather belts. If you plan to use tool or dye, it is better than you use vegetable leather. This is easier to work with, compared to real leather.

You need to carefully note the width of the inside of the belt buckle. Also, measure the waist of the person who would be wearing the belt. Now, cut the leather, using a razor knife. The width of the strip is to be equal to the inside width of the belt buckle and the length should be one foot more than the waist of the wearer. To ensure the strip is cut evenly, you could use a straight edge material, such as a yardstick or ruler. The end of the leather strip which goes inside the buckle can be cut according to your preference. Many people prefer rounded end.

On the other end of the belt, fold the leather back to create a crease and punch a hole at the centre of the crease. Hold the punch and use a wooden hammer to drive it in until the leather has been really well punctured.

Using a rotary or drive punch, you should make two rivet holes, near the crease, around the end. The holes should be 0.25” from either side of the belt. Now fold the leather strip on the crease and mark where the holes overlap the leather. Make two more rivet holes where you have marked. Now, when you fold the belt by the crease, the rivet holes are perfectly aligned.

Use a belt beveller now and trim the edges of the belt smoothly. If you wish to decorate the belt, it is the time to do so. Tools and designs can add value to any belt. Some people choose to add studs. You can now dye your belt as well and give it the colour you wish. However, the dye in the can might look markedly different from the finished product because many dyes change in hue when dried up. Thus, buy a dye after checking a finished product which has been coloured using that dye.



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