Different Hair Extensions For Different Purposes

Hair extensions is the first option to look at when females start experiencing hair loss. These can be either clip-in or can be bonded using heated glue to attach it with existing hair or can even be woven into your own hair. However, it is important that you find a reputed supplier so that the hair you use is derived from ethical sources. The manufacturer details can be found on the label information or standard marking. Clip in version of these extensions generally come with 4 wefts. These wefts are of different sizes and should be applied from neck upwards till the top of the ears. The main advantage of the clip in wefts is that they place almost no pressure on the existing hair follicles. One can apply these wefts by themselves and these can be removed within minutes as well. Real hair extensions need the same care as with your real hair. One should apply shampoo and conditioners on the extension and should not put any pressure on the exiting follicles near the bonding area. However, hair extensions are not good when it comes to concealing the bald spots. They are better when it comes to making the hair look thicker. Fashion enhancement is another purpose which is served by these extensions.

However, there are many women who suffer from partial baldness and they don’t need a full coverage wig. In these cases, a hair topper is the best way to combat the spotty baldness. These hair toppers are designed to blend with the natural existing hair and fit on the head effortlessly. These toppers can conceal the bald patches on the head and also enhance the volume on the crown. Thankfully, many agencies sell and fit hair toppers in UK. These toppers are great in covering the bald patches on the head.

Many women suffer from severe hair loss which no extension can hide. However, there is no need to be depressed as there are many sophisticated and lightweight full coverage wigs which look completely natural and can hide the whole head effectively. Users can now choose from hundreds of rooted or highlighted colours, bespoke wigs, synthetic wigs, real hair wigs or special purpose wigs. There are different styles to choose from and different shades are available as well which can match the existing hair beautifully. These wigs are the best when it comes to hiding complete or severe baldness.



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