Different Types of Pave Diamond Bands

Pave diamond engagement rings are made up of small stones, diamonds, covering the whole metal surface of the ring. Small prongs are used to hold these stones together. Thus, the metal is not visible and thus, the ring looks as if it is made entirely from diamonds only.

There are two different Pave Settings, full pave and half pave. The names give out all as in the full pave setting, the whole surface of the ring is covered with stones while in half pave setting, only half, the top half, is paved with diamonds. People choose half pave setting because, firstly, it is less expensive and in half pave, the pave diamonds do not outshine the center diamond.

Either a round brilliant cut or a princess cut diamond is used as the center stone in pave rings. These two cuts complement the brilliance of pave settings brilliantly. Other types of diamonds make the ring look exaggerated and out of proportion. While some of the stones are set using bezel setting, most of the center stones are set using prongs. Prongs are better as they can draw the attention to the center stone and make the pave diamonds secondary accessory.

There are three popular Pave Settings. The first design is of a thin band of a single row of Pave Diamonds and the center stone in the middle. The width of the band is exactly the width of the center stone and thus, the ring looks like it is made up of diamonds, exclusively.

The second design has a wider metal base and it contains a large center stone, along with a row of accent stones around. Additionally, there is another row of pave diamonds which are placed at an angle with the center stone, giving the ring a wider and somewhat grander look.

The third design is just like the first design but it doesn’t have the center stone. These rings are called eternity bands and they are perfect for engagement rings.

One of the best ideas for wedding would be to purchase pave diamond band for engagement along with a simple plain wedding band. This would protect the Pave Band from damage from daily wear and protect the smaller diamonds which tend to fall off. A more elaborate wedding ring might rub with the pave band and make the diamonds loose, resulting in loss of diamonds, which is not at all desirable.



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