Digital Footprint after Death

We always are eager to open accounts on new social media sites so that we explore more and have a strong social presence. We stay connected with people we share our activities what we do daily, our achievement so that people get to know more and more about us.

Have you ever thought what will happen to your online accounts after death? Will they be alive after your death??


Let’s start with the most famous social media networking site Facebook. Facebook has a policy that allows you to assign a “legacy contact,” who’ll be permissible to “pin a post on your Timeline” after your death, such as a funeral announcement. The assigned person won’t be capable to log into your account nor he will be able to read your inbox messages, but the assigned person would be able to accept or delete friend request, the person can change your cover photo as well as your profile picture.



In an event of death of a user who has an Twitter account, Twitter can cooperate with an individual who is authorized to cope-up on  behalf of the holdings or with a verified direct family member of the dead user to have his account deactivated. To do the same and request Twitter support team to remove the account of the dead user. Once the concerned person  submit request the removal of account , Twitter support team will email the concerned person with commands for giving more information which should include  information about the death person, a copy of the requested concerned persons ID, and should have a copy of the deceased’s death certificate.



Google has launched  a new feature “inactive account manager,” this feature make it very simple to allow Google to know what you want to do with your accounts when you die, in Account settings page you will get this option. Where we can specify what to do with the Google services and Gmail that we are using and what to do if the account turns to be inactive.



LinkedIn deactivates the account of the dead user but doesn’t transfer data to any of the users who is related with the deceased user.  You can inform LinkedIn about death of a user but you can’t get the detail about the dead person. Neither can you ask LinkedIn top transfer the information to you. A form needs to be filled for asking closure of an account of the deceased person.


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